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ax Benefits For S-Corps

2019 Tax Benefits For S-Corps In NY

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IRS 1099C Form Shock

Why Did I Receive Form 1099-C (Cancelled Debt)?

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Accountants Money Safe

Delinquent Tax Returns: Repercussions With The IRS

When Benjamin Franklin sat down and said “Nothing is certain except for death and taxes,” he must have had an Read More

IRS Tax Calculator For NYC Client

What To Do If You Received An IRS Letter?

Every year, the IRS dispatches millions of letters to taxpayers. Depending on the motive of each notice, some will require Read More

Calculator for Dental Accounting

Why Dental Practices Need Special Dentist CPA’s & Bookkeepers

There are many different options now available for people to do their accounting. A popular trend has been to outsource Read More

Accounting Dollars

Should I File My Tax Return Without An Accountant?

A tax return is a standard form that is provided by tax authorities requiring you to report your taxable income Read More